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Venturetec Rotating Systems covers the entire range of electrical, optical and media rotary joints.

With customer-specific rotary joints, combinations of contacting power, signal and data transmission and contactless data as well as power transfer can be carried out together with optical Rotary joints and media rotary joints.

The range of systems extends from a transmission path up to hundreds of paths, from an outer diameter and length of just a few millimeters up to a few meters and for contactless data rates up to 300 GBit/s and contactless power transmission up to several kilowatts.


Slip ring


The growing success of Venturetec Rotating Systems is based on pioneering technology in many areas of slip ring transmission options.

Cylindrical slip rings or disc slip rings, contact or contactless transmission, multichannel fibre optic transformers and all types of media rotary connections for water, oil, air, vacuum and other media - all of this is offered by Venturetec Rotating Systems.

Some areas of application include uses in aircraft, satellites, observation systems, CT systems as well as in all industrial operations are standard for Venturetec Rotating Systems.


Contact transmission

Contact transmission slip ring
Contact transmission slip ring
Contact transmission slip ring

Building on many years of development and production experience Venturetec Rotating Systems offers different contact transmission technologies for signal and power transmission.

For cylindrical slip ring transformers, a special gold spring wire contact pairing is used along with gold-plated tracks or a transmission with silver graphite coals. The slip ring design in plate form uses a specially developed gold-pin technology or even coal technology. This allows signals and data up to 1.5 Gb/s to be transmitted, such as analogue signals, Ethernet signals, digital signals, Video + HD video signals as well as power outputs up to many hundreds of kilowatts. Depending on the other specified values, one of the contact pairings must be selected. In this case, it is possible to reach speeds up to 20,000 1/min.

Contactless transmission

Contactless slip ring

Contactless transmissions are increasingly being used in slip ring technology.

Venturetec Rotating Systems already offers solutions for signal, data and power transmission on a capacitive basis. For high data with several Gb/s and/or very high speeds, contactless transmission systems are indispensable.

For Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, HD Video signal or high data volumes such as used for MED CT and EDS systems, contactless data transmission is an urgently requirement. For a maintenance-free transmission system, contactless transmission is also the only solution.

MED CT / EDS Slip Ring Transmitters

Contactless slip ring

The special market for the MED CT / EDS slip rings, including special technological developments is completely covered by Venturetec Rotating Systems.

These systems offer a combination of contact transmission and contactless, capacitive data transmission. Integrated encoder and multiplex solutions are included in the scope of services of a MED CT / EDS slip ring transmitter.

  • Power transmission contact up to 1000 V and up to 300A
  • Signal/data transmission contact up to 30 Mb/s (CAN bus, RS422, RS232 and similar)
  • Contactless, capacitive data transmission from 100 Mb/s to 40 Gb/s
  • Integrated encoder system including electronics - speed up to 300 1/min
  • Plate technology with an outer diameter of up to 1,800 mm
  • Shelf-life of 10 years
  • Servicing every 2-3 years

Optical transmissions

Optical transmission
Optical transmission
Optical transmission (2 Channels)

Fiber optic rotary joints require a high quality optical and mechanical fabrication environment. Venturetec Rotating Systems provides the precision mechanics and all the optical parts from a single source.

Media rotary transmissions

Venturetec symbolic image slip rings

Venturetec Rotating Systems offers all the possibilities of Rotary media transmissions in combination with a slip-ring rotary transmitter as well as stand-alone product.

The following media can also be transferred in combination in one system:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Lubricant grease
  • Vacuum
  • Other special liquids

Special sealing methods ensure very high pressures and rotation speeds for 1-channel or multi-channel rotary media transmissions.

Encoder / resolver / multiplexer systems

Slip ring inner track

Electric rotary transmission often requires the use of encoder and resolver systems in customer systems and units.

These required encoder and resolver systems can be easily integrated into the structure of the slip ring transformers. The customer no longer needs an independent solution for this.

Here, Venturetec Rotating Systems offers a large number of solutions ranging from simple optical and magnetic systems to very complex Tick Fence solutions with very high resolutions.

Also, the electronic combination of signal and data for a slip ring transmitter is a tried and tested application.

Signal and data multiplexing can drastically reduce the number of contact or non-contacting systems in a slip ring transmitter. That is why Venturetec Rotating Systems also offers an integrated multiplexer system in the slip ring transformers.

Complete systems

Venturetec symbolic image slip rings

Further Information will follow shortly

System solutions

Complexe systems and excellent service

System solutions for development and design

Slip ring system solution
Slip ring system solution

Customer-specific solutions of rotary transmitters or complete systems are Venturetec Rotating Systems` strong point.

Not just slip rings, but also more complex systems with integrated drives, encoders and resolver systems, signal and data multiplexing and mechanical connections to customer systems are all key components of our wide product range.

Manufacturing, assembly and testing

Employee in assembly/testing
Employee in assembly/testing
Testing device

High flexibility and short-term realisation of deadlines are a strength of Venturetec Rotating Systems.

Our own machine park with turning and milling centers, as well as a very flexibly arranged assembly and testing area, allow fast and high-quality implementation to create our products.

Certified to DIN ISO 9001:2015, Venturetec Rotating Systems only supplies high-quality products, to "Made in Germany“ standards.

Your slip ring - our service


All services optionally at your site or in Venturetec`s own specialist department.

  • Repairs of slip rings of any type and independent of manufacturer
  • Maintenance and upgrades
  • Conversions to Venturetec assemblies


Spare part
Spare part
  • Elektronics
  • Mechanical components
  • Brush blocks
  • Carbon brushes
  • Oils and other components

Other services

  • Investigations with documentation
  • User manuals and operating instructions
  • Offers for all services
  • Maintenance and service contracts
  • Training and support during commissioning



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